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Jerusalem - YAD VASHEM. Sr Margherita MARCHIONE defender of POPE PIUS XII


Sr Margherita applies the Director of Yad Vashem to remove the script with the charges against Pope Pius XII.

I had the honor to arrange the trip and serve Sister Margherita Marchione, 90 years old, when we went to comfort Pius XII “crucified” at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. She came from USA to Rome to held her annual Conference at the CAPITOL HILL attended by the Mayor Alemanno, Cardinal Farina, Monsignor Di Tora delegate of Cardinal Vallini Vicar of Rome, Prince Francesco Pacelli and Prince Ruspoli. The voice of Sister Margherita resounded from CAPITOL HILL, heart of the Eternal City, all over the world when she  addressed her LETTER TO THE ROMANS appealing Pope Benedictus XVI for the prompt beatification of Pius XII, asking the Romans and the believers of Pius XII to pray for Him.
She friendly urged the Director of Yad Vashem Museum to correct the statement near the picture of the Roman Citizen Venerable Pope Pius XII at Yad Vashem. And she applied the Mayor of Rome, birthplace of Eugenio Pacelli, to establish the Museum of Pope Pius XII, as thanksgiving to His patronage to the Town, during the Nazi occupation: when the King, Mussolini, the Government escaped from Rome, Pius XII didn’t flee and stayed here under the bombing to serve the Romans. She was interviewed by Vatican Radio and RAI-TV the Italian National Channel.
Before leaving to Jerusalem we visited Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and sister Margherita presented Him with her last book “PIUS XII HISTORY AND AGIOGRAPHY” prefaced by Senator Giulio Andreotti, published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana.
When we arrived in Jerusalem first we visited the Yad Vashem Museum. On Sunday 31st October we stayed in front of the picture and the script against Pius XII, while  we were comforting Him with our prayers, a large group of tourists arrived and their guide started to utter charges against Pope Pius XII. Sister Margherita was upset however with her Franciscan calm step by step replied and disproved the charges against Pius XII, which daily are over and over again repeated by the guides of the Museum to thousands of visitors, passing in front of the picture of our Venerable Roman Citizen Eugenio Pacelli. I took a video and lots of photos, and I wrote a detailed diary of our trip. It’s amazing to watch Sister Margherita sitting on her wheelchair in front of the picture of Pope Pius XII and arguing to defend Pius XII. You can see Her surrounded by a lot visitors and guides of the Museum, while they asked her questions such as: “ where are the proofs that Pius XII helped the Jews?”  and she replied showing her book with a huge list of names, addresses and thanksgiving letters of Jews,  saved by Pius XII and disproving  her charges, as long as all of them were speechless. A small piece of the video is on Youtube at this link
After that Sister Margherita wrote a kind letter to the Director of Yad Vashem asking him to correct the statement near the picture of Pius XII. Then we visited the Library and she presented her book PIUS XII HISTORY AND AGIOGRAPHY to the Archive of the Museum, in the first page there was a stamp of Pope Benedict XVI with a stamp cancellation with the inscription HEROIC VIRTUES OF POPE PIUS XII. The next day we attended the Mass at the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre Church, after the Mass Sister Margherita was invited to give a lecture about Pius XII and her book at the end from this Holy Church in Jerusalem she appealed again the Director of Yad Vashem to remove the script from the picture of Pope Pius XII.

Picture  2
Yad Vashem Margherita shows her last book “PIUS XII HISTORY AND AGYOGRAPHY”, prefaced by Senator Giulio Andreotti, in which are listed hundreds of Jews saved by Pope Pius XII.

Pictures 3 and 4. Sister Margherita in front of the picture of Pius XII disproves the charges of the guides of the Museum against Pius XII among a group of Italian visitors di un gruppo di italiani in sosta sotto la foto di Papa Pio XII

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