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2nd SANTA MARINELLA SHORT FILM FEST 2015 - Santa Marinella (ROME) ITALY - Tribute to Ingrid Bergman

1) Objectives

The “INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM AWARD by virtue of the film heritage of our Town since the ’20s with the divine Star Anna Fougez, and then with our fellow citizens Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman – this year we will celebrate the  centenary of the birth of Ingrid Bergman with a  tribute of some evenings - who made the world know the town of Santa Marinella, is aimed to the film literacy and addressed to promising young film directors and actors, professionals and schools, who through the expressive art form of the short film have distinguished themselves in the experimentation and innovation of the art of cinematography, caring for culture, science, sport, journeys and discoveries, human rights, childhood and youth, solidarity and meeting of new people with different culture and traditions in the Mediterranean Basin, a sea which since the ancient times bridged Europe to the other continents.

2) Venue and dates
Santa Marinella (Rome) ITALY at the Sporting Club Via Aurelia nr. 487.
The Festival will be held from 27th July to 2nd August, 2015.

3) Short Films Registration and Fees
The entry fee is € 5,00 Euros.
Entry fee for schools is free.
The short films may last no longer than 15 minutes; however the selection committee reserves the right to admit short films of longer duration.
Copyright holders must send a DVD Pal zone 0/2.

4) Prizes
The Jury will award the following prizes:
·        Best Short Film Award: “Golden Apollo of Santa Marinella” and 500,00 € (Euros)
·        Special Jury Award:  300.00 € (Euros) and Plaque
·        School Award: 200.00 € (Euros) and Plaque
·        Audience Award: 150,00 € (Euros) and Plaque
·         Best actress Award:  Plaque
·        Award for best actor: Plaque
·        Best Director Award: Plaque
·        Best Cinematography Award: Plaque
·        Critics Award: Plaque
The members of jury have the faculty to assign to the short films a special mention.

The prizes will be awarded the last day of screenings.
As far as prize money is concerned, it will be validated only with the presence of at least one film representative during the award ceremony.  Prize money is taxable.
The Jury reserves the right to  cancel, vary, integrate awards and mentions and has the authority to suspend the prize in case the winners or their  delegates do not participate in the award ceremony. Prize money will be sent to the winners by bank transfer within 3st December 2015, subject to prior communication of the bank account details by the recipient.

Hotel accommodation and fixed lump-sum refund of the travel expenses are offered only for the final day of the Festival to Italian author and for the final two days  to foreign authors who are not resident in Italy, and only one representative for each finalist will be entitled to it, although exceptions may be considered by the Organization. Concerning the hospitality of representatives, details shall be provided at the time when the result of selection is announced.

The participants authorize the Festival Organization to process their personal data (according to the Italian law 675/96) contained in their works and complementary material. They also authorize the Festival Organization to file their work(s), in the archives of the Organization Offices, where they will be catalogued and made available by the Association SANTA MARINELLA VIVA  for any screening, event and broadcast as well shared and circulated among the cinemas, TVs, Schools and Institutes of the European Union. The participation implies full acceptance of all the above-mentioned  conditions. The These rules and regulations are available in English and Italian. In case of interpretation  problems, the Italian version must be considered.

5) Short film submissions

Deadline is  20th  June 2015.

Short films in languages other than Italian must include English French or Italian subtitles, otherwise a complete dialogue list is required in English French or Italian.

The material – whose shipping costs will be paid by the sender – must be mailed to the following address:
Via Pontenuovo 42 –
I-00058 Santa Marinella (Roma) ITALY
Bank account number 08327 39410 000000001883
IBAN number IT46T0832739410000000001883

The Festival organization is not responsible for the copyright protection regarding the work(s) presented. The author of the film must specify if he/she is in the register of SIAE or similar author society for the protection of  copyright.

6) Selection

Our staff will be responsible for the pre-selection and the final selection. The list of the short films selected will be sent by e-mail and published on our site by 15th  July 2015. The films selected will be screened during the Festival, whose program will be published on the website by July 15th 2015. The authors of the short films selected will be informed by phone or by e-mail.

7) Festival Jury

The Festival Jury consists of members from the artistic and academic world. The Jury decision is considered to be final and unquestionable. The organizers will make the final decision in controversial cases.

8) Contact and information

Italian Mrs Sonia Signoracci mob. +39-338-250 4312

English Mr Livio Spinelli mob. +39-366-734 4553 Mon.- Fri. after 2,00 PM (GWT)
e-mail santamarinellaviva@gmail

                                                SANTA MARINELLA VIVA
Via Pontenuovo 42 – I-00058 Santa Marinella (Roma) ITALY # tel. +39 338 250 4312

 SANTA MARINELLA (ROME - Italy) – 27th  July- 2nd August, 2015

           OFFICIAL 2014 ENTRY FORM
            DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS 20TH  JUNE 2015

Date of Submission: _____________________________________
Title of Project: _________________________________________
Applicant Email: _________________________________________
Web Site URL: ____________________________________
Applicant Name: ___________________________________
Production Company, if any: ___________________________
Address: _________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________
State/Province: ________________________ Zip: _____________
Country: ____________________________________
Telephone Number: __________________________ Fax Number: __________________________
Director’s Name: ________________________________________
Director's Email: _____________________________
Producer(s) Name: _______________________________________
Producer's Email: _____________________________
Screenwriter(s) Name: ____________________________________
Screenwriter’s Email: ___________________________
Is this a Student Film? Yes__ No__ Name of your School:______________________
Short Film Category:  Documentary ___ Animation ___ Experimental ___
Genre: Action ___ Drama ___ Comedy ___ Romantic ___ Horror ___ Thriller ___ Sci-Fi ___
Other _________________

Year Completed: ______ Film Budget (USD): _________ Run Time: ___ min.
Will this be a premiere? World ___ Europe ___
Exhibition Formats: DVD ____
Aspect Ratio (IMP): ____ Frame Rate: ___ • Sound: Mono ___ LR ___ Dolby 5:1 ___

Do you have an agent/manager? Yes ___ No ___ • If So,
Name: ____________________  Phone: ____________________

Has this project been submitted to other Festivals? Yes ___ No ___ • Were you selected? Yes ___ No ___
Did you receive an award? Yes___ No___ • Festival/Awards List: _______________________________________

How were you introduced to us? Friend ___ Mail ___ Ad ___ Internet ___ • Name of Magazine/Paper:

Short Synopsis (125 Words) (as you would like it to appear in our program book): ______________________________________________________________________________________

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